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Board Certified through the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Family Law

Client Testimonials 

Strongly Recommend

September, 2021

I thought William did a great job on my case. His para-legal Jennifer was always responsive, returning calls and emails on an extremely timely basis. I also thought that their billing was very accurate! They never rounded up. You would see small charges that accurately reflected their time. Being ex-military, I greatly appreciated the military discount that they gave. Strongly recommend. – Thomas

Would Highly Recommend

March, 2021

Mr. Doonan and his entire staff are great folks!!! Would highly recommend!! – Ricky

easy to work with

March, 2021

Jennifer and Will have always been very professional and easy to work with. – Danielle

Absolutely Amazing

December 3, 2020

Mr. Doonan and Jennifer are absolutely amazing. The complexity of my case was so very overwhelming for me in addition to the emotional fatigue, grief, and toxicity I was experiencing daily due to my circumstances and pending litigation.Jennifer was the first person I ever spoke with at the Law Office of William B. Doonan and she was extremely kind, compassionate, empathetic, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. She prayed with me, she genuinely listened, she was so very warm-hearted as she patiently guided me through the beginning steps of what the next months of my life would entail (during COVID) as I sobbed due to the overwhelming sadness and despair I was experiencing. She was so gracious.It took 7 months for me to make the decision to begin researching family law attorneys and when I finally contacted The Law Office of William B. Doonan, I had already met with 1 other attorney and had 2 additional consultations scheduled but after speaking with Jennifer, I knew immediately that I could trust everyone at The Law Office of William B. Doonan to compassionately assist me through one of the most difficult times of my life.I had many days/months of questioning my decisions and how to proceed but both Mr. Doonan and Jennifer thoughtfully and patiently guided me and helped me find closure. I can’t say enough amazing things about Mr. Doonan and Jennifer. Their faith, knowledge, & compassion is honestly indescribable. Thank you both so much! – Farah

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

July, 2020

As a father in a custody dispute, the odds were stacked against me (or so I thought), to receive a just ruling concerning possession of my child. Mr. Doonan and Jennifer both informed me how things are different from years ago. They worked hard and represented me to the fullest and I’m pleased to say, I am now the primary caregiver of my child!

Growing up in Midland, you hear about one to two “bulldog” attorneys who have no doubt put in the time and effort to attain such a high stature and well respected position in our community. I know Mr. Doonan, as one of the very few Board Certified attorneys in Midland, will be a common name around town, just as the great ones before him.

Thank you Mr. Doonan, and thank you Jennifer, you guys are the best! – Josh

A+ Attorney

UPDATE 11/2/2020

Mr. Doonan continues to be a joy to work with, he has represented my son’s case with total respect and diligence! His paralegal Jennifer is exceptional! She is very organized, knowledgeable, friendly and always on top of things! This has been the most pleasant experience with an attorney I have ever had! TOTALLY recommend! A++ – Cheryl

A+ Attorney

August, 2019

My son found himself needing an attorney to settle some Child Support issues. Mr. Doonan law office was awesome. Believe it or not, it was easy, professional and handled quickly. Jennifer was always so friendly and answered any questions we had (at any time of the day). I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in a position to need an attorney! A+ – Cheryl

Best Decision I Made

August, 2019
Best decision I made was to call Doonan Law Office. From the first phone call I was confident that the staff really cared about my case. It was so easy to call or email or text the secretary any time and get a quick reply to any question. I did not have to travel back to the office after my first visit. Other visits with Mr Doonan were done by phone until the final hearing. He prepared me for every step so I had no anxiety when I appeared before the judge. He had a good relationship with the judge and was very knowledgeable in the courtroom. He saved me thousands of dollars by giving me good advice. He did not pressure me to take his advice but he was always right. I highly recommend this law office.– Sarah

Beyond Impressed

August, 2019

Mr. Doonan is a highly intelligent and professional lawyer, I hired him some months ago and recently went to court and was beyond impressed with the knowledge and hard work he put into my case. I would recommend him to anyone needing the types of services he offers, there’s no one better! – Renae

Definitely Recommend Doonan!

August, 2019

Definitely recommend Mr. Doonan! He has been an amazing lawyer. He put 100% into my case and kept me informed about what’s going on. He’s answered any and all questions i had to the best of his ability and if it was something, he was unsure of he does his research to find the answer! He was completely honest and upfront with any situation that came up in my case. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone who asks for lawyer opinions!

His secretary Ms. Jennifer has also been amazing! She is very knowledgeable in the law and the possibilities of what can happen in the case and its outcome.

I couldn’t have been blessed with anyone better to represent me and my daughters! I would hire him again! – Theresa

This Attorney Is Amazing!!

August, 2019

He was available and an expert! All I can say you know your Family law we are so grateful we were referred to you! wow! Thank you Thank you! – Cassandra

Highly Recommend!

September, 2019

Mr. Doonan was very thorough and prompt in defending and representing my case. He explained my options and set realistic expectations. He was successful in getting my expected outcome. Highly recommended! – SR

Responsive To My Requests

August, 2019

I am an attorney in Palm Beach Florida, who has been in practice more than 30 years.  I contacted Mr. Doonan to assist with me with a jurisdictional issue. Because of a conflict he was not able to handle this.  I want to take this opportunity to praise Mr. Doonan, and his paralegal, Jennifer, for taking the time to speak with me, discuss the issue at length and being very responsive to my request.  I would highly recommend this office to handle any family law issue. – Linda

Absolutely Saved Me!

January 23, 2018
Will helped me through a criminal case in which a great deal of my professional life was in jeopardy. Anytime I was anxious or unsure about procedure or direction he was available to answer my questions, and made the entire process much more comforting than it could have been anywhere else. Incredibly talented and aware of how to navigate difficult systems! – Natalie

Turned Around My Family Law Case

August, 2018
I would highly recommend Mr. Doonan! He stepped in at the final hour and completely turned around my family law case after my previous attorney had neglected his duties. The communication is fantastic and the entire staff is on the ball. – Dana

Perfect Ally In The Court Room

August, 2018

This lawyer really helped my family. He was very smart and got the job done. Perfect ally in the court room. – Buzz

Answered All Of Our Questions

August, 2018
My wife and I worked with Mr. Doonan on an adoption case. Mr Doonan was responsive, answered all of our questions, and walked us through the entire process. He and his staff were always professional, courteous, and honest. I would highly recommend Mr. Doonan for any family law needs. – David

Someone You Can Trust

August, 2018
Mr. Doonan is a person of high character and is a Christian first. He is someone you can trust to do business with or be represented by. – Elizabeth

Mr. Doonan Will Ease Your Stress

August, 2018

Finding yourself needing an attorney is stressful enough but looking for one you truly trust can be just as stressful. Mr. Doonan and his staff will ease your stress. Mr Doonan is a Christian first and foremost and treats everyone with respect and genuine care. His knowledge of family law is impeccable! – Susie

Highly Recommend

August, 2018

I would highly recommend William Doonan for any of your family law needs, big or small. – Brendy

Gave Excellent Guidance

October 30, 2017
Mr. Doonan and his staff assisted us with an adoption. Throughout the process, he clearly explained all risks, benefits of the various approaches to the matter, and always thoroughly answered any questions we had. I would definitely use his services again should we find ourselves needing a lawyer again.– Rachel

Awesome Attorney

June 13, 2016
Mr. Doonan is an absolute awesome attorney; he represented me for my A.G. case. I have to say Mr. Doonan does his homework for his clients. He reviews the case very closely he fights for his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Doonan for a family case and A.G. case.– A.R.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

March 3, 2021

My family and I have just adopted two beautiful children and it would not have been possible without Mr. Doonan. He handled everything so professionally and also with such compassion and care. Jennifer was beyond so patient and helpful also. Never a hateful or mean word out of their mouths. I highly recommend them to anyone that is needing a lawyer! – Tammy

Highly Recommend!!

November 30, 2020

Mr. Doonan and Jennifer were great! I could not have asked for a better team to handle my divorce case. Highly recommend!! – Kelly

I Could Not Be Happier

July, 2019

My husband and I hired Mr. Doonan to represent us in a child modification case. I could not be happier with his professionalism, his thoroughness, and the overall experience dealing with his office. His Paralegal Jennifer was always prompt, available and courteous to any questions or concerns we had. (And we had A LOT). They are very understanding and Mr. Doonan is very knowledgeable on family case law. Highly recommended! – Shoto

Extremely Attentive To My Case

August, 2019

Mr. Doonan and Ms. Jennifer were extremely attentive to my case. My calls and emails were answered quickly and with exact answers to my questions. I felt very confident in their knowledge of divorce law. Thank you!!!! – Jamie

Great Job!

February, 2019

Great job! Would definitely hire again!! – Jon

I Truly Enjoyed Working With Them

September, 2019
When my husband and I were needing help with the adoption process, Mr. Doonan and Ms. Jennifer were extremely helpful. They were always checking in with emails and when we had questions they answered them very quickly. I would highly recommend the Law Office of William B. Doonan. I truly enjoyed working with them. – Jennifer

Mr. Doonan Is An Amazing Lawyer

August, 2019

Mr. Doonan is an amazing lawyer. He is very attentive to his clients and gives 100%. He is very knowledgeable in the law and goes above and beyond to gather all the information he needs to represent his client in the courtroom. I’m very thankful for what he did for my daughter and grand daughter. I would definitely recommend Mr. Doonan to anyone looking for a great lawyer. – Peggy

Above And Beyond

August, 2019

Mr Doonan has gone above and beyond in handling our 2 recent adoption cases. He is very knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with. The staff in the office is always very encouraging and helpful. We would definitely recommend the Doonan’s to anyone looking for an attorney! – Emmalee

My Attorney For The Second Time

August, 2019

Thank you for being my attorney for the second time I have needed legal assistance.  The outcome was legal and just according to the legal system just as you had informed me it would be. – Octavia 


August, 2019
Mr. Doonan was excellent in handling my case. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a family lawyer. Jennifer is fantastic and timely with responses.– Manuel

Responsive Advocate

September 12, 2019
I am an attorney in North Carolina and we needed help from a Texas attorney to have my client’s child returned to her from Texas. I contacted Mr. Doonan who took my call, prepared the necessary legal documents and obtained a judge’s signature within 24 hours so that my client could pick up her 4 year old son. His quick action and open communication with me and my client was outstanding! – Carole

Mr. Doonan

December 12, 2018
The most hard working and knowledgeable lawyer you can hire! I would recommend him over any other lawyer, I could not be anymore pleased with how he handled my case! – Renae

First Class Lawyer

December 12, 2018

My wife and I have been clients of Mr. Doonan now for the past two years. I am very proud to be writing this review on his behalf about how great him and his entire staff have been. It is not an easy task sometimes to find a lawyer you feel you aren100% comfortable with because of how these processes work.

It’s hard to put into words how to express how high the level of integrity and professionalism that he even deserves. This man has had a genuine care and understanding for us throughout this process, as my wife has had To unfortunately be in the court process by another individual.

We have met with other lawyers and attorneys prior and can tell you that Mr. Doonan is of the highest morally, professionally and knowledgeably the best of any of them. I cannot begin to thank him AND his staff enough for his stand up, first class personality towards us and the way he has morally sound, handled our case! I would not choose anyone else to represent us. Thank you Mr. Doonan for the first class person you are, we couldn’t have asked for any better! – Anonymous

Genuinely Cares

August, 2018

My family has worked with Mr. Doonan on both an adoption and a surrogacy agreement. With each case he was able to give us clear answers to our questions and we felt like he explained our options in a complete and thorough manner, which helped us make an informed decision. His staff was incredibly caring, helpful and straightforward about what we could expect. I cannot picture ever using a different attorney for family law matters. Mr. Doonan and his staff know our names and cases, they know us by name and I feel like they genuinely care about our family. – R

Excellent At Handling Our Custody Case!

August, 2018

Mr. Doonan and his staff were excellent at handling our custody case! He is a great attorney, with strong Christian and family values and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him! – Cindy

William Is An Exceptional Lawyer 

August, 2018

William is an exceptional lawyer. But I appreciate most his warm and genuine sensitivity of his field. He’s an example of professionalism and a family man. I would highly recommend him. – Katie

Professional And Knowledgable

October 25, 2017
William Doonan is a very professional and knowledgable lawyer and he will work very hard to get you what you deserve… I felt completely safe and informed through the whole court process… He is truly one of a kind… I have and would still recommend him to anyone one that has a situation that falls under his background and knowing. – Shawnna

Best Choice We Could Have Made!

November 1, 2017
My husband and I hired Mr. Doonan to help us fight custody of my step daughter. He was the best choice we could have made! He is a very professional and reliable attorney. Thanks to him we now have custody of my husbands daughter. He fulfilled his duty to the highest standard.– Marissa