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Family Law FAQS

How much does a divorce cost?

This depends on the circumstances of the case as they exist upon the initiation of the case. Further, the cost can also vary based on the events that transpire after the case is filed. It is my goal to help my clients achieve the best result possible with the most efficient means. At the same time, there are short cuts that you do not want to take and that can seriously hinder you from getting the best result for your case. Contact my office today for a consultation. At this consultation I will sit down with you, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and determine a necessary course of action for your case. Once this is ascertained, then you will have a good estimate as to what it will take to properly handle your case.

How much does a custody suit cost?

This also depends on the circumstances of the case. It might or might not be beneficial to hire an expert to assist you in determining the best interests of the child. Further, this discovery process may be necessary to find out information that can help you with your case. This will require a sit down evaluation as well to determine which course of action is best.

Why are lawsuits expensive?

As Abraham Lincoln so wisely stated, a lawyer’s commodity is their time. In order to properly handle your case, a lawyer should invest a lot of time in your case. For a divorce case this means examining in detail your property and preparing an inventory, assessing any claims and defenses you may have, litigating any issues that become contested, and handling any underlying custody issues if there are children involved. You are doing yourself and your loved ones a great disservice by hiring a cheap lawyer. Cheap lawyers take your money, put your file on a shelf, and if you’re lucky, will talk to you the day before the hearing. Contrary to this practice, I spend considerable time with my clients preparing for any hearings and negotiations. All too often I see lawyers asking their clients questions right before a hearing that should have been asked at an initial consultation. Further, just like a complicated medical procedure, a lawsuit can have long lasting effects on your life and the lives of those around you. As such, a great amount of care and concern needs to be given to your case. The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies to lawyers as well.

Can we do mediation instead of court?

The answer is often yes. Further, this is usually a better alternative than going to court. There are times when going to court is a necessity. However, the majority of the time, mediation can be an effective means of coming to a good resolution in your case.

Why do I have to spend money on a lawyer instead of just talking to the judge myself?

I have heard this too many times. I am proud of our judicial system, and I have been extremely blessed to practice before Judges who uphold the highest standards of integrity. With that being said, it is NEVER a good idea to go into the courtroom alone. For starters, you cannot present your side of the story without following the rules of evidence. Evidence is at least a one semester course in law school, and further, it is something that requires skill and on top of that constant sharpening of that skill. I would analogize it to taking someone in the stands at a professional football game and putting them out on the field to play without any experience. I have seen many pro se clients get run over despite the fact that they had a good case because they did not know how to properly present their evidence. Lawyers understand the ramifications of certain actions. Do not make the grave error of taking your case into your own hands.

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